General developer resources for building with Stacks and CityCoins.


Authenticate users, sign transactions and store data with the Stacks blockchain

The primary package modern Typescript (+javascript) projects use to build apps in the Stacks ecosystem

The Stacks.js libraries which provide everything you need to work with the Stacks blockchain

In-depth library reference for Stacks.js

The OpenAPI specification for the Stacks 2.0 blockchain API. (more info)

A JavaScript library for interacting with the Hiro Web Wallet.

Block explorer for the Stacks blockchain

A full Stacks node and API implementation available via Docker or from source.

For wallets that support Stacks, see the how do I get started page.


Overview of the Clarity language constructs

A detailed list of all functions for the Clarity language

A detailed list of all keywords for the Clarity language

A detailed list of all types for the Clarity language

A developer tool that automatically generates TypeScript-friendly clients that can interact with Clarity smart contracts.

A Clarity runtime packaged as a command line tool, designed to facilitate smart contract understanding, development, testing and deployment

Clarity of Mind is both an introductory as well as a reference book for the Clarity smart contract language

An interactive, browser-based Clarity IDE for experimentation

A portal that brings together everything a developer, project, or company needs to be successful with the Clarity smart contract language

Provides language features for Clarity like auto complete, go to definition, find all references, etc


Logos, illustrations, and style guides for each city.

The GitHub organization that contains the contracts, user interface, and other resources related to the CityCoins protocol

A simple API to interact with Stacks and CityCoins data without dependencies.

The main contract repository including a test suite using Clarinet.

Community-submitted CityCoins Improvement Proposals (CCIPs)

Node.js scripts that interact with the protocol via a prompt-driven console interface (documentation).

The main UI template used to create and interact with the CityCoins protocol

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