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A simple API to interact with Stacks and CityCoins data.
The CityCoins API is a quick and easy way to interact with both Stacks and CityCoins data.
It is built with Cloudflare Workers and micro-stacks, and the code is open source.

Things to Note

  • uses simple typed responses and provides detailed error messages
  • all CityCoin contract routes start with :version and :cityname
    • e.g. /v1/mia/mining/get-mining-stats-at-block/57934
  • :version accepts the major CityCoins contract version, e.g. v1, v2
  • :cityname routes accept three letter city names, e.g. mia, nyc
  • all additional parameters follow the order of operations below
    • :blockheight > :cycleid > :userid > :address
  • routes are structured the same as the contract functions and documentation

Endpoint Examples

A full list of routes and responses can be found in the OpenAPI documentation.
Some quick examples:


If you want to use this for your project, build a copy for yourself, or have any questions, file a GitHub Issue and reach out!