How do I get started?

How to get started with Stacks and CityCoins.

Stacks Wallets

CityCoins follow the SIP-010 fungible token standard on the Stacks blockchain, which is a fancy way of saying you'll need a Stacks wallet to interact with them.

The currently supported wallets for CityCoins are listed below.


Desktop Support


Web Support


Mobile Support


Hardware Support (Ledger only)






The desktop version of the Hiro Wallet does not support displaying, sending, or receiving CityCoins at this time.

How to Acquire Stacks (STX)

All transactions on the Stacks blockchain require Stacks (STX) as fuel. To acquire Stacks, please see the market list on CoinMarketCap for supported exchanges.

How to HODL CityCoins

All CityCoins are fungible tokens on Stacks, meaning they are stored as part of your Stacks account and viewable in the Stacks Explorer by searching for your Stacks address.

When sending or receiving CityCoins, use the Stacks address of the sender and recipient. A memo is generally only required when transferring to an exchange.

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