General resources centered around the CityCoins ecosystem.

Community Connections

CityCoins are ultimately powered by the community around them. Connect with fellow CityCoiners!

Community Tools

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Calculate an estimated amount of time between Stacks block heights
Trustless swaps between Bitcoin, Stacks, and SIP-010 tokens (tutorial here)
Directory of businesses in Miami that accept crypto, including MIA
A tool to download all transactions for the MiamiCoin core and token contracts
Block explorer and statistics for MiamiCoin
A MiamiCoin app that allows you to propose ideas and vote on how Miami should spend their funds raised through MiamiCoin (MIA) mining
The repository for the mining interface hosted at
Google spreadsheet with probability calculations based on block commits
Block explorer and statistics for NewYorkCityCoin
A mining tutorial hosted as a Notion site
Dashboard showing the top ten largest wallet balances by Stacks address
Trustless mining pool implementation for CityCoins with mining and Stacking features.
A combination of blocks and estimated dates for important milestones in CityCoins

Brand Resources

CityCoins brand assets are available on the CDN hosted through CloudFlare Pages.
Anything found in this GitHub repo can also be found at
For example, the main CityCoins brand guide located at the link below:
Is also available at:
The available resources include branding guidelines and assets, hosted logos, and token metadata for each CityCoin.
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